udio Switch is the first batch audio file converter geared toward the needs of musicians and audiophiles. Why do we say that? Because Audio Switch does things and provides information that other products don't. In addition to seamlessly handling the conversion of a group of A/V files to a different output format - which you would expect it to do - Audio Switch also:

Let's take a quick look at each of these three things.

When files are selected and loaded into Audio Switch,
it displays the file size, file type, bitrate, sample rate,
frequency, bit depth, number of channels, DB level,
and whether the file clips or not.

Audio Switch works with common video file formats
such as flv, mpg, mpeg4, avi, mov, rm, and wmv.
So you can add audio, video or audio and video files to
AS at the same time, and Audio Switch will process them.

Lastly, Audio Switch has a volume normalization option. When you open a group of files in AS,
you can review the differing DB levels between each of the individual files and if you'd like to you
can normalize them so they all of the same loudness.

If you are unsure about the value of Audio Switch, download and take our fully functional, 4-hour demo for a test drive. Unlike a lot of demos which work only for a prescribed period of time like two weeks or a month, Audio Switch doesn't work on calendar days. So you can use it today, next week or next year. What it does limit is the amount of run time, so if you are not using Audio Switch, please keep it closed to stop the demo countdown timer.

Audio Switch comes with a 100% money back, 60 day guarantee. It runs only on Windows (XP - Win 10) and it requires an internet connection for activation.