Other Products


Below is a listing and short description of other products that we offer that you may be interested in. If you’d like more information, please click the link provided. This will take you to the main website where you will be able to get more information.

Image 1 A best-in-class audio slow downer (and much more) that has been sold in more than 100 countries around the world. Used by musicians and a wide range of other fields and discipline including dancing, transcriptionists, aerobics, s ongwriting, worship music, karaoke, choirs, and much more.

Image 1 A video slow down and analysis product that slows down, loops, and zooms in - allowing close inspection and analysis of audio and video. Used in any field where video is used as part of the teaching, training, or learning process.

Image 1 A revolutionary guitar soling system that teaches guitarist how to solo to any song, in any situation. The Learn2Jam systems is based upon the simple premise that if you can learn and master four songs - and only four (4) songs on the guitar – you will have gained the fundamental skills necessary to play any lead or solo to any style of music.

Image 1 One of those oldies but goodies – which is a massive 425 riff and practice segment library from more than 80 classic rock songs from the 60s, 70s and 80s. The library utilized flashed based files that are interactive. Each riff or segment comes with accurate tablature and interactive, real guitar, audio at both full and half speed.

Image 1 A free mobile app for android and iOS based phones and tablets. The app comes preloaded with 10 free lessons. Each lesson contains accurate tabs and audio provided in full and half speed. Additional paid bundles of classic riffs as well as lessons to learn entire songs are available for purchase.